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Exclusive Interview With Big Mori

Today we spoke with Big Mori in a rainy day in Tehran, and went deep in his life and career, be with us for some success taste :

Morteza siahkali moradi known as Big Mori, He was born on 12 March in 1996 in Tehran. He started playing sports as a child and pursued sports professionally at the age of 15, he started making music from 2018 and doing it as a main job in his life.

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Big Mori's Interview with The Skeletaa

Hi, how you doing these days ?

Hey jack, I'm working on my new album, single tracks and music videos with my partner in crime Mohammad Datees [ he smiles ] and some official works in WABBA International in Iran.

Do you write any new book ?

yes, my new book is a combination of music and sport, that will release in 2021.

A combination of music and sport ?!

yes, I understand that it can be confusing, but I believe them connected in some ways, as you cant workout in gym without music, so I think you get your answer [ he smiles ] .

Ok, its interesting, what was your last book about ?

My last book was about powerlifting rules for world power sport federation, it translated to Farsi and English in 2020 and its available in my official website.

I hear you working with some international federations, tell me about that ?

yes, I'm president of WABBA International in Iran and working with world power sport federation as member of education committee.

How many titles you have in bodybuilding and tell me about your pro cards ?

In 2018, I won 3 gold medals in Mr. Universe Competition in Thailand and in 2019 won 1 silver and 1 bronze medals in Kuwait and I got 3 pro cards from World Power Sport Federation and WABBA International and World Bodybuilding Federation.

How you become a Music producer/Rapper after all these ?

It was my childhood dream to be a rapper, songwriter and music producer, then I met Mohammad Datees in his studio and talked about our taste in hip hop and rap music, then we make some beats and that's why we created some major hits in music industry.

as our wise men tell that big goals starts with short steps [ jack smiles ] , why the Big Mori ?

because I have the biggest body in music industry, and its all about muscles and not fat [ He Smiles ]

What's your plan for the future ?

I'm planning on making more hits, Movies, write new books and get more titles in Body Building, to be a good and effective human for the earth.

Thanks for your time Big Mori.

You're Welcome.

Interview by Jack Sancho [ International reporter of The Skeletaa ]

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